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Benvenuti a "un piccolo assaggio d'Italia" - Welcome to "a little taste of Italia"...
Your tailor-made Travel and Transportation Experience!

You need in fact to experience more than one of our customized "Travel and Transportation Experiences" to enjoy "the Great Beauty of Italy"...
"We are your added Value": Capital Travel Service offers its clientele a wide range of specialized services in a flexible and personalized way on request, to meet the customer's needs and expectations at the best!
Our Strength is Our Team... Your advantage is Our Team together with the high professional assistance we can grant you during your travel and leisure in Italy... Our Amazing Team is the best choice you can make to discover the real and authentic Italy.

Our Team is highly qualified and has been trained to enter the new and modern working realities in an "empathic" way, with the great advantage to approach the working environment and the tourist sector with new methods and ideas - the keyword is "Experience" and your "Experience of Italy" with Us will be a customized Travel and Transportation Experience - the one you don't expect to live and therefore it turns out to be beyond your expectations!

Our Travel and Transportation Experience services are a form of "Experiential tourism", which is a new rising trend and something that our customers seek often after: an "Experiential Travel" can change one’s perspective on things and open one's mind by entering into contact with the way other people live. "Experiential tourism" or "Experiential Travel" is therefore a form of travel which is focused on "the Experience" travellers can make of a country, a city, a location and similar elements creating a relevant and sometimes deep emotional engagement with the history, arts and culture, traditions, habits, food and wine, places and locations of other people's nations.

Our tailor-made services on demand offer and suggest experiences to our clients and not just transportation services... an "Experiential Travel" provides a unique sense of personal involvement through the many possible Travel and Transportation Experiences that our clients can book with Us: it is mainly due to the deep connection occurring between their interests/wishes and the real unique/special moments they can live in Italy, by creating in this way unique images and feelings which will remain impressed in their minds as emotional memories of... FOOD and WINE, FASHION and SHOPPING, BEAUTY and WELLNESS, HISTORY and ARTS, SPORTS and NATURE, SHOWS and ENTERTAINMENT Experiences...living a true and authentic Experience of Italy and getting in touch with the real local culture through a tailor-made Travel and Transportation Experience!

You can therefore collaborate to creating your customized Travel Plan and can book Now your own "Travel and Transportation Experience" with Us: you will become the real protagonist and not simply a spectator of your holiday time in Italy!

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